TV5 Records
Parent company TV5
Founded April 2010
Headquarters 762 Quirino Highway,

San Bartolome, Novaliches,
Quezon City, Philippines

Genre Various
Products Music albums
Country of origin Philippines

Official Website

TV5 Records is a Filipino record label based in 762 Quirino Highway, San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City. It is owned by TV5 Recording, Inc., the country's music recording company is owned and operated by TV5 Network.

Its publishing and distribution subsidiary in the Philippines has about 1,000 titles in its catalogue that releases music albums, and many of the albums have been platinum and gold record award albums.


TV5 Records, Inc., a subsidiary of TV5 Network, leads the pack among record labels that produce music from the Philippines and distribute original Pilipino music worldwide. TV5 Records has a catalogue of high-value recordings that have been well-promoted on television, radio and other media, with a roster of stellar talents.

TV5 Records is the Philippines’ third leading multi-platform recording company, which produces and promotes the music of top Filipino artists. TV5 Records’ products are often seen on top-rating television shows and the highest-grossing Filipino films that are enjoyed worldwide by more than 100 million Filipinos.

Our record as a leader in music from the Philippines has been phenomenal, including chartbusters from artists like Ogie Alcasid, Chadleen Lacdoo, Chris Cayzer, Katrina Velarde, Melbelline Caluag, Krissha Viaje, Noel Cabangon and many more. Our current roster of original Pilipino music available on CDs at retail stores worldwide as well as fast digital downloads on iTunes, Amazon, and, among many others, includes the rock band Never the Strangers, Sandwich, Juan Direction and Rivermaya.

TV5 Records’ core business in original Pilipino music includes producing, developing, and distributing audio and video content; music publishing; events production and music artists’ management. Although based in the Philippines, TV5 Records and its artists are known globally especially by fans of music from the Philippines.


  • TV5-Viva Soundtraxx - founded in September 12, 2011 for the movie soundtrack production and TV show music tie-ins.












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Some movies are released with Cinema5 solely released by TV5 Records Home Video:

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