This is TV5 DWET-TV.

TV5 is a commercial broadcast station, authorized by the National Telecommunications Commission. With licensed number BSD-0336-2011 (REN), to expire on November 21, 2014.

TV5 transmitter and studio complex are located at the 762 Quirino Highway, San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City.

TV5 operates from 4 AM to 1 AM, with the power of 60 kilowatts.

TV5 Engineering is headed by following Professional Electronics Engineers:

  • Rodrigo V. Carandang: PECE # 0000005
  • Hernando C. Manoguid: PECE # 0000423

TV5 transmitter is operated and maintained by the following Electronics Engineers and First Class Radiotelephone Operators duly licensed by the Professional Regulation Commission and the National Telecommunications Commission:

  • Armando G. Armada: 95-1PNCR-13661
  • Danilo P. Anoos: 93-1PVII-2513
  • Russel P. Santos: ECE # 0022533
  • Adolfo M. Garay: 97-1PNCR-19107
  • Miracle Y. Balais: 07-1PHN-23444
  • Robert A. Espano: 2K-1PHN-24096

Ladies and Gentlemen, TV5 DWET-TV is now signing on/off.

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