TV5 unveils its newest showbiz-oriented program called Ang Latest starting August 4, Saturday.

The half-hour show tackles the hottest showbiz issues hosted by Cristy Fermin, Mr. Fu, Amy Perez and Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez.

For your instant fix of showbiz updates, tuned in for Ang Latest Up-To-The-Minute, a series of one-minute interstitials that will air Mondays to Sundays in between TV5’s top programs. The show promises to deliver the freshest news right when you need it. As Juicy! ends its run this coming August 4, a new show takes over its former timeslot — Ang Latest Up Late, which is a late-night recap of the day’s entertainment buzz.

Catch the premiere of Ang Latest, August 6, 4:00 pm right after teen drama series Sarah G only on TV5.

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