December 21, 2012

Viva-TV's teen drama anthology Dear Heart ruled its timeslot on Sunday (December 16) on IBC, now beating the pilot episode of its teen drama rival series by almost 30 points.

Based on the latest data from Kantar Media, Dear Heart episode is World Safe Day garnered national TV ratings, while ABS-CBN's Luv U got 10.2% and GMA's Teen Gen only got 7.0%.

Meanwhile, a christmas episode called Anja's Christmas Tales will make TV viewers in Dear Heart this Sunday (December 23) as she will portray the role as a certified singing champion Anja Aguilar is a popular young girl goes a high school for boys and girls has a holiday of special gifts when a Santa Claus to do a presents idol.

Don't miss another teen drama this Sunday at 2:30pm in Dear Heart on IBC-13. For more updates, log on to, and follow @vivadh on Twitter and visit the offiial Facebook page:

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