Pop Girls members and thenewest total stunner popstar Nadine Lustre is the latest addition to Viva’s constellation of stars. Discovered via her breakthrough triumph the young singer is now being primed and readied for greater things with the release of her second self-titled album under Vicor Music.

Nadine Lustre, like popstars before her, is going through a familiar rite of passage, that of singing original materials by prolific songwriter Vehnee Saturno and Sarah Geronimo.

Nadine becomes the perfect vehicle for lovelorn ballads and Nadine for her part does not disappoint. Brand new love songs such as teen ballad “Promise for Life,” dance pop “Angel Fish” where Nadine shows the dance floor and OPM pop rock Chinese song “Diamonds” are familiar sounding tunes cut in the mold of contemporary hits by Sarah Geronimo, Anja Aguilar and Rachelle Ann Go and is ably carried by Nadine. If you need further proof why we’re confident to mention Nadine in the same breath as Rachelle and superstar Sarah and Anja, check out Nadine Lustre’s FM radio hit “What Good is That Without You,” to see what we mean.

Nadine also is lucky to be singing brand new songs by up and coming songwriter Kean Cipriano and Sarah Geronimo and their combination makes for some pretty modern sounding OPM pop like the mid-tempo, guitar-pop rock ditty Asian song “Girls Punk Style,” disco-dance pop “Give Me Your Pain” where Lustre shows that is dance floor and dance ballad “Hold You In My Arms.” The Nadine Lustre-Sarah Geronimo singer and songwriter pairing also came up with the OPM house-dance pop Asian song “Stay,” teen dance “All My Love” with dancemoves of Shy Carlos and Rose Van Ginkel, electro-dance pop “I Wanna Get Your Heart” with dancemoves of Shy Carlos and Rose Van Ginkel, electro-pop rock “I'm Gonna Get You!” and another original Tagalog dance pop song in “Sumayaw” with dancemoves of Shy Carlos and Rose Van Ginkel.

Judging from the sound and feel of her new album, Nadine has the makings of a new total popstar what with her powerful singing and exceptional voice quality. You can bet that with this album, we’ll be hearing much from the up and coming Nadine Lustre.

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