Schedule (September 2007)Edit


4 am - Start Your Day, the Christian Way
4:45 am - Good Morning Kuya! (LIVE) (with Hataw Balita, 7 am to 8 am)
9 am - Bahala si Bitag (LIVE)
10:30 am - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)
11:30 am - D’X-Man
12 nn - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)
5 pm - KNC Show
5:30 pm - Bread Tambayan
6 pm - Ito Ang Balita (LIVE)
7 pm - Kaagapay (LIVE)
8 pm - Make My Day
8:15 pm - Mapalad ang Bumabasa
8:30 pm - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)
1 am - D’X-Man
1:30 am to 4 am - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)


4 am - Start Your Day, the Christian Way
5 am - Kami Naman (LIVE)
7 am - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)
10:30 am - Maestra Viajes
11 am - Serbisyo Publiko
12 nn - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)
3 pm - Truth and Focus (LIVE)
4 pm - KNC Show
4:30 pm - Hometown: Dito Po sa Amin
5:30 pm - Katha
6 pm - Chika Mo, Chika Ko! (LIVE)
7 pm - Pangarap ng Puso
8 pm - Believer TV
9 pm - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)
1 am - D’X-Man
1:30 am to 4 am - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)


4 am - Start Your Day, the Christian Way (LIVE)
5 am - Kami Naman (LIVE)
7 am - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)
10:30 am - Maestra Viajes
11 am - BIHASA (Biblia Hamon Sa'yo)
12 nn - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)
3 pm - Truth and Focus (LIVE)
4 pm - KNC Show
4:30 pm - Sports 37
5:30 pm - Katha
6 pm - Usapang Cristiano
8 pm - Believer TV
9 pm - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)
1 am - D’X-Man
1:30 am to 4 am - Ang Dating Daan (LIVE)

Note: Hataw Balita News Update airs top-of-the-hour daily from 12nn-12:05 and 5pm-5:10pm and 10-10:05pm.


Good Morning Kuya!
Daniel Razon hosts GMK which features typical scenarios involving the average Pinoy, heightened public service and interactive talk show and news reporting. Good Morning Kuya! put together segments that espouse rich, relevant and useful information to inspire, empower and educate viewers.
Ito Ang Balita
Is a one-hour straight news service of UNTV 37, committed to deliver impartial and truthful reporting of the day's events. Anchored by two of the most respected and outstanding broadcasters in the country today, Mr. Jay Sonza and Ms. Candace Giron.
Start Your Day, the Christian Way
Bro. Roland Ocampo in light-hearted approach to encourage people to start one's day the Christian way.
Daily, there is a hand to help and shoulder to lean on. With Daniel Razon at the helm, the show is presented by Rolly "Lakay" Gonzalo, Annie Rentoy and Dr. Rimando Saguin.
Ang Dating Daan
This is the controversial and much-talked about religious television program hosted by Brother Eli Soriano. Fearless as it is hard-hitting in exposing the anomalies in many religions today.
Truth in Focus
It neatly captures the breadth of what it takes to be truthful and serious about the study of biblical issues and its relevance to mankind.
In this program, D` X-Man (the ex-Manalistas) or former members of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) share and shed light on issues and religious practices of this group which are contradicting the Holy Scriptures.
KNC Show
Now two years and still growing, KNC Show teaches children what they need to know to be a good family member, friend and citizen of the nation using the Bible as basis. Kuya Eric and Ate Roselle are our regular mainstays who conducts BIble reading, singing and fun activities. Airs daily from 4 to 4:30 pm.
Kami Naman
On its 2nd year as an offbeat and unusual morning TV program, Kami Naman is a mix of live sitcom and newsmagazine format, truly a first in Philippine programming. The show also packs current issues with lifestyle, entertainment and more, patterned as a magazine sitcom performed live by the Filipino actors and actresses.
Maestra Viajes
Maestra Viajes tours children to different culture and arts landscape in the Philippines. This show is a fresh, inventive and alternative approach to educate.
Make My Day
Prolific essayist and commentator Larry Henares delivers thought-provoking treatise on myriad of topics and shares his opinion on them.
Bahala si Bitag
Mr. Expose, Ben Tulfo bravely brings you to the gritty and real-life anomalies and crime busting scene. This is real life action and drama with a heart for people.
Mapalad ang Bumabasa
Daniel Razon read and invites the viewers to read one chapter of the New Testament nightly.
Believer TV
A newsmagazine program that tackles the Christian way of life and inspiring stories.
Serbisyo Publiko
Truly a one-of-a-kind show that deliver public service.
Chika Mo, Chika Ko
Hosted by Peter Ledesma, Natasha Ledesma and Pete Ampoloquio, Jr., this program dished out the trend in local showbiz reporting to deliver an enlightening, factual and uncompromising look into the showbiz world. Chika Mo! Chika Ko! teases, delivers and reveals what your favorite stars are doing not only on-cam but also when they are away from the limelight.
BIHASA (Biblia, Hamon Sa'yo)
Join the quizmaster Ehlite Tan in the country's first interactive Bible quiz show. Witness and be part of this innovative battle of biblical acuity and scriptural knowledge by the different inter-school representatives. The winner will emerge as "bihasa."
Pangarap ng Puso
Hosted by Wenz Lazaro, a tele-drama for the whole family that will surely touch the common nerve that binds us, love and concern for our beloved family, friends and God. Based on the stories featured in Ang Dating Daan (led by Bro. Eli Soriano) and Good Morning Kuya! (led by Kuya Daniel Razon), the show features weekly real-life stories or anecdotes of common people or famous celebrities and personalities.
Hometown: Dito Po Sa Amin
It showcase the different municipalities in our country, its sceneries, leaders (mayors) and residents.
Sports 37
Hosted by Ryan Ramos, a new program of sports featuring a variety of ball games, motor sports, outdoor leisure, current events, celebreties and the ever favorite.
Bread Tambayan
Don't fail to attend to your daily tambayan on afternoon TV with Bread Tambayan. The show promises to share the ideas, camaraderie and vibe of students. Join your regular ka-tambayan as Rodel, Muymuy, MaryLaine, Kenji and more.
Emerges as the country's first in the investigative-mystery genre, Katha explores and dissects whether myths, phenomena, beliefs and practices are for real. Mere invention? Speculation? Katha will find the answer.