Format Drama
Soap opera
Developed by Renato Custodio, Jr.
Directed by Michael Tuviera
Starring Derek Ramsay
Arci Muñoz
Jasmine Curtis-Smith
Theme music composer Ryan Cayabyab
Opening theme Dahil Kaya by Ariel Rivera
Language(s) Filipino
Executive producer(s) Manny V. Pangilinan
Location(s) Philippines
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel TV5
Original run July 1, 2013 – October 11, 2013

Undercover is a Philippine television drama broadcast on TV5. It will start on July 1, 2013. [1]


  • Derek Ramsay as Roy Velasco - Roy is a celebrated investigator who has sent notorious criminals to jail. But his seemingly perfect life ends when he is abducted on the day of his wedding to his long-time girlfriend, Julia. For 6 years, he was imprisoned and subject to psychological torture. Upon his release, he vows to search and punish the person behind his abduction.
  • Arci Muñoz as Julia Velasco - Roy’s abduction devastates his fiancée, Julia, who takes comfort in Alex, Roy’s adoptive brother.
  • Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Claire - Claire is an IT whiz and gadgets expert who joins Roy’s search for his abductors to punish the syndicate that killed her brother.
  • Wendell Ramos as Alex Velasco - Alex is Roy’s kind and gentle adoptive brother, who ends up marrying Julia after Roy’s abduction and presumed death.
  • Phillip Salvador as Don Faustino - Don Faustino is a smuggling lord put to jail by Roy. He retaliates by having Roy abducted and imprisoned for 10 years.
  • Joross Gamboa as Jimboy - Jimboy is a talented con artist that Roy approached to join his team because of his many connections in the criminal underworld.
  • Gerard Acao as Cotton - Cotton is Roy’s loyal friend from the task force who joins Roy’s mission to uncover the truth behind his abduction.

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