My Love (Victoria Justice OPM album from Able Music International)Edit

Victoria Justice released her album My Love from Able Music Philippines after much prodding to her bosses to give her dream solo album. The album is composed of covers of Filipino songs and was released on January 2, 2012 exclusively in the Philippines. This is Victoria Justice's first original pinoy music (OPM) album.

  1. I Never Cry (teen pop rock) (Iya Villania covers) (composed by Kean Cipriano)
  2. Is It A Dream (teen pop) (Roselle Nava covers) (composed by Victoria Justice and Vehnee Saturno)
  3. I Know (teen pop) (Yasmien Kurdi covers) (composed by Vehnee Saturno)
  4. I Still Believe in Loving You (teen pop) (Sarah Geronimo covers) (composed by Vehnee Saturno)
  5. She Could Be (teen pop rock) (Christian Bautista covers) (composed by Kean Cipriano)
  6. When I Met You (ballad) (APO Hiking Society covers) (composed by Vehnee Saturno)
  7. I Love You So (teen pop) (Toni Gonzaga covers) (composed by Louie Ocampo)
  8. First Love (teen pop rock) (Charlie Green covers) (composed by Victoria Justice)

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