September 30, 2012

Rainbow S.r.l, the world’s most famous brands in providing kid entertainment, have teamed up with the Philippine’s most child-friendly network IBC-13 based on Anak TV seals, to give a partnership with Viva Entertainment blocktimer with their young Filipino viewers their weekly dose of adventure every weeknights starting Monday (October 1).

Every Weeknights, IBC-13 will airing the primetime Tagalized animation led by the No.1 phenomenal fairy-serye Winx Club at 6:00pm as part of PrimeTastik block

After four months since is premiere, a phenomenal animated fairy-serye Winx Club continues to rule the ratings game as a fairy-serye it remains the No.1 TV program in the country. It has created a Tagalized phenomenon across the Philippines as its ratings continue to surge above all the other shows in the primetime slot on IBC.

Based on the latest data of Kantar Media/TNS, the Rainbow S.r.l's localized version of the animated series starring Stella (voiced by Shy Carlos), Aisha, Musa, Tecna (voiced by Janella Salvador), Flora and Bloom (voiced by Anja Aguilar) garnered an average national TV rating of 30.5% compared to the top-rating Korean dramas like Smile Dong Hae (GMA) and Pintada (ABS-CBN). Meanwhile, released by Viva Video, Winx Club DVDs volumes 1 to 10 are now available on all record stores nationwide from Video City, continuously broadcast in over 130 countries with top ratings. The phenomenal success of Winx Club is proven by the countless merchandise being produced and sold by the network. Products such as the infinity ring, t-shirts, 2 of new soundtrack albums form Viva Records, attained the platinum status are sold across the country and Winx toys and dolls, one of which has as they try to live grown-up lives – moving out, experiencing romance, fights and opening their very own magical pet store. This Saturday at 3:30pm, also the most exciting-filled refreshing Pop Pixie discover magic and adventure in a magical universe filled with gnomes, elves, talking animals and pixies. A new TV series full of crazy comedy for all ages with spin-off series based on Winx Club featuring Pixies from Winx Club as main characters for Pop Pixie are Amore (voiced by Nadine Lustre), Caramel, Cherie and Lockette with Damien (voiced by Dingdong Dantes). The kids in the United States, Rainbow S.r.l gave IBC and Viva Entertainment the exclusive rights to air its premium titles across all its media platforms in 2011. Pinoy kids already enjoyed watching Winx Club and Pop Pixie which all had successful runs in the Kapinoy Network.

Weeknights are definitely better spent with the new Kapinoy cartoon offerings in IBC-13.

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