Viva-TV on IBC-13 was originally known as Viva-TV primetime network, a Viva Entertainment company.

Of course, their "prime program" was the PBA and NBA, alongside other sporting events such as the football players, boxing ("The Main Event") and billiards, especially when they were known as Viva-TV they also had a good share of entertainment shows.

Among them were "WOW!" and "Goin' Bayabas"--both which, ironically, came about after the departure of Empoy Marquez, Anne Curtis and Keempee De Leon. "WOW!" was the 30-minute gag show, pero a new comedy pranks side with Vhong Navarro. "Goin' Bayabas" the comedy-gag show with Martin Escudero, Vice Ganda and Kim Gantioqui.

There was also "Daily Top 5", the entertainment news program hosted by Nikki Bacolod, "Dear Heart", a teen-drama anthology hosted by popstar Anja Aguilar, "Sinemaks", the sunday night movie with the Viva movies and "Pop Girls", the sunday night teen variety show hosted by Nadine Lustre, Rose Van Ginkel and Shy Carlos.

And true to Viva's nature as the cartoon programs, they had animated series, too, like "Winx Club" with Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla or Aisha and Roxy, the teen animation series "Barbie" and "Trollz" with Amethyst, Sapphire, Topaz, Onyx and Ruby

Of course, Viva-TV has also the weekly sports shows like "Now Showing", a tuesday night sports specials showcased with boxing, billiards, volleyball, pronvincial basketball, athletics-professional and collegiate sports competitions and "The Main Event", the top-rating weekly boxing show.

During Viva-TV relaunched in June 5, 2011, the contract with Viva and IBC--this was airing NBA and PBA especially during its inauguration, airing birthday special is Manny Pacquiao which Viva-TV produced.

As a result, Viva Sports' commentators all wore a black band as a sign of "protest", and IBC's name during their coverages (they would always say "Viva-TV on IBC"). Especially when Orly Mercado took over as IBC chairman he managed to squeeze in some sports and entertainment programming during Viva-TV's hours on primetime, and also enlisted the help of Viva Sports to provide sports news and even the main anchor (in the person of Jake Morales) for their late-night newscast back then (at that time, it was already known as "Ronda Trese").

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