April 11, 2013

MANILA - The entertainment company Viva Entertainment together with its block time agreement with state-run IBC-13 remains The Kapinoy Network.

At the sidelines for the recently of the ceremony of the Viva Studios in Ortigas, Pasig City, the Viva chairman and CEO Vic del Rosario, Jr. said the company in this agreement adding that the deal is aggressive.

Rosario said to the that Viva Communications, Inc. is committed to continue its airing popular Viva-TV homegrown programd and coverage of programs and leagues to which it remains a parner, including the National Basketball Association and the Philippine Basketball Association, in which the fact into a TV viewership ratings considering airing the new season of the NBA and PBA live on IBC.

As Rosario notes that Viva will now paying P700 million a year for the tight to air over Channel 13, from other network for the basketball league coverage of the PBL games on GMA and the MBA games on ABS-CBN.

Viva Entertainment, which holds the Vic del Rosario's Viva Group of Companies from movies, TV, music producrion, sports broadcasting, concerts, cable channels and so much more, entered a block time agreement with the Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation for the 5 p.m.-12 midnight timeslot per week for the popular sports and entertainment shows on primetime. In which, the top-rating and popular phenomenal game shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire and The Weakest Link, and popular talent search show Born to be a Star, they have helped IBC-13 rise from its financial slump and mediocre ratings.

Is this, "we will have to make adjustments in terms of the coverage of NBA and PBA, and other sports events," Pangilinan said, offering to the Philippine Basketball Association and National Basketball Association. Also, in the Viva's local production from Viva Tagalog movies, the Japanese animes and imported Korean asianovelas and Mexican telenovelas that grabbed in a prime-time ratings from established popular shows.

Asked with the Viva Group of Companies is interested in acquiring IBC-13 once the government privatizes the network will not be sold, Rosario said in the IBC major block-timer.

The Aquino administration plans to privatize two of its TV networks, which apart from IBC-13 also includes RPN-9, to raise more revenues. The Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) earlier said it will not sell the assets and franchise of IBC for P3.7 billion as IBC remains the undisputed number 3.

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