World of Fun TV or WOF-TV is a Philippine kid-oriented game, variety, educational and informative show, sponsored by World of Fun, and airing at ZTV 33. The show premieres on October 18, 2008 is directed by Kokoy Jimenez. Telligences or "smarts": word, number or reasoning, picture, body, music, people, self, and nature. The game portion, on the other hand, features a giant game board that challenges the children's mental and physical abilities. The show also World of Fun TV theme song composed by Lito Camo and performed by Ivy Gaille Martinez Mangco, Angelicah Romero, Bianca Yao and Grendel de Ramos.

Current castsEdit


  • Video-OK! Next Level - where kids are encouraged to send in videos of themselves, their families, friends, and others which they recorded themselves.
  • Fun Pamilya Na! - a regular feature on people, events, and places that are remarkable and worthy of getting the WOF mark.
  • Dear Ka-WOF - a feedback portion where kids are can send their comments, suggestions and even school activities announcements.
  • Sabi ni Kids - a series of short stories featuring Potchi the mascot, injecting humor, commentary, trivia.

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