December 24, 2012

Talks are rife that Channel 5 is unveiling and revealed Wowowillie on the second week of January 2013, following the exit of Willing Willie on January 5. The new noontime show will broadcast daily at the TV5 Media Center in Mandaluyong City, which is currently undergoing complete renovation.Like Willie, Vic and Joey are also TV5 artists. It is said that the two EB hosts earlier agreed to work on TV5 shows for as long as the network doesn’t field a competing show to the long-running Eat Bulaga.In bouncing back to the noontime slot, TV5 hopes to renew Willie’s strength as a TV host. It cannot be denied that Willing Willie’s early evening timeslot affected the show’s ratings and Willie’s popularity.


  • 04:00am-Good Morning Club
  • 10:00am-Face to Face
  • 11:00am-Wowowillie
  • 03:00pm-Kapitan Awesome
  • 03:30pm-White Lies
  • 04:00pm-Pink Lipstick
  • 04:30pm-Let-Ask-Pilipinas
  • 05:00pm-T3 Reload
  • 06:00pm-Aksyon
  • 08:00pm-Kidlat
  • 08:30pm-Gaint
  • 09:00pm-You-Are-My-Destiny
  • 09:30pm-Shelter-for-Love
  • 10:00pm-For-Love-or-Money
  • 10:30pm-Never-Say-Goodbye
  • 11:00pm- Pilipinas-News
  • 1:00am-Reaksyon
  • 1:30am-Public-Affairs
  • Monday-Demolition-Job
  • Tuesday-Numero
  • Wednesday-History-with-Lourd
  • Thursday-Dayo
  • Friday-Astig


  • 04:00am-Good Morning Club
  • 10:00am-Juan-Direction
  • 11:00am-Wowowillie
  • 03:00pm-Sabado-Sineplex
  • 05:00pm-Aksyon-Weekend
  • 07:00pm-Tropa-Mo-Ko-Unli
  • 08:00pm-Killer-Karaoke 
  • 09:00pm-What-Up-Doods
  • 10:00pm-Spin-Nation
  • 11:00pm-Pilipinas-News-Weekend
  • 1:00am- Reakyon-Weekend


  • 04:00am-Good Morning Club
  • 10:00am-Juan-Direction
  • 11:00am-PO5
  • 03:00pm-Ang-Latest
  • 05:00pm-Aksyon-Weekend
  • 07:00pm-Pinoy Explorer
  • 08:00pm-Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  • 09:00pm-Wow Mali Pa Rin!
  • 10:00pm-The Mega and the Songwriter
  • 11:00pm-Pilipinas-News-Weekend
  • 1:00am-Reaksyon-Weekend

ANG MGA DAPAT ABANGAN NGAYONG 2013 sa TV5: Kidlat, Jeepney Jackpot, Never Say Goodbye, Wowowillie, Kanta Pilipinas, Forever Barkada, at marami pang iba. Kaya tumutok na ngayong 2013 sa mas lumalakas at lumalaking TV network ng bansa, TV5.

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